China Business Lawyers – Welcome To Liuming International

The Expert China Business Lawyers

Welcome to Liuming International, the China business lawyers that are the international business group of the Liuming Law Firm.

We are specialized China business lawyers and our key team members have been working together for a decade, more in some instances.  The experience we have gained from working together, helping our clients succeed with their China projects, is one of our key, and hard won, strengths.  There is no quick and easy path to expertise as China business lawyers. When you read our story, we hope that you will agree that we have an unusual depth and breadth of experience with the China legal and business environment – such that we are truly expert China business lawyers.  Our expertise enables us to provide creative, practical, commercial, and legally sound solutions for China.

In our work as China business lawyers, we are essentially cross border project lawyers, fully focused on our client’s China success. We are proud to say that we have clients from most of the world’s  key  economic areas with a particular emphasis on North America, Europe and Scandinavia, the UK and Australia.

Our work falls into three main areas: investment and M&A; contracts of all types with a China element, including major contracts for heavy equipment such as rail and mining infrastructure, and EPC contracts; and the China aspects of intellectual property.  As you would expect, we also provide ongoing China corporate and compliance support for our client’s projects in China.

Typical clients that come to us are sophisticated users of legal services and have the financial resources to use any China business lawyers they choose.  They choose to use us for various reasons, but there are common threads in what they tell us about this.  Key among them are: the quality of work produced; willingness (and ability) to understand their business and its needs; our understanding of the China business environment; clarity of communications and responsiveness. Clients also comment frequently on the value of our skill and support in negotiations. This is a very important part of our work as China business lawyers.  Keeping a China project moving towards a successful conclusion is not easy and anticipating the likely sticking points and avoiding them is a very important part of the negotiation process.

We do everything that we can to really understand our client’s business and its needs so that we can provide real value when we apply our China knowledge as China business lawyers.  As one of our clients commented in an early meeting for an alternative energy project: “ You are not just in a back room somewhere drafting documents – you actually understand this stuff.”

“Everything for everybody” lawyers, we are not.  We could not do justice to our work if we tried that.  In the areas where we work, we provide real knowledge and expertise – as we say: “Expert China Business Lawyers”.

If you do not find information here to satisfy your present needs, please feel free to enquire further by email.